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The MAVOWATT 50 energy and power disturbance analyzer measures electrical quantities in DC systems, as well as in single and three-phase AC systems with any load. Broadband measurement is laid out for line frequencies of up to 1 kHz, and covers everything from railway power at 16 2/3 Hz to mains power with 50 or 60 Hz, right on up to onboard electrical systems with 400 Hz.

Eight isolated measuring circuits – four each for voltage and current – prevent equalizing current and allow for simultaneous measurement of phase and neutral conductor voltage and current.

By connecting a suitable measuring transducer, the fourth channel can be used alternatively for the measurement of other physical quantities, e.g. the temperature of a motor or transformer, or wind speed at a wind power turbine.

Measurements at frequency converter outputs are also possible within a broad range.

The comprehensive spectrum of functions ranges from acquisition, display and logging of mains quantities, as well as recording and analysis of energy consumption, right on up to calculation and statistical analysis of the characteristics of the voltage quality of electrical supply power in accordance with EN 50160.

In industrial applications, the precision measuring instrument is used to determine characteristic quantities of electrical consumers and generators in steady-state, as well as during dynamic processes. It also functions as a test instrument and compares harmonic current generated by electrical equipment, as well as voltage fluctuation, with specified limit values. The transient measuring function allows measurement and analysis of voltage transients of up to 1.3 kV as from a duration of 10μs.

Thanks to its compact, rugged design, the MAVOWATT 50 is not only suitable for stationary use, but rather for mobile applications as well. The integrated rechargeable battery supplies power to the measuring instrument for periods of up to several minutes in the event of power failure.

  • Complete power disturbance analysis with simultaneous measurement of all relevant mains quantities
  • Power and energy analysis in power supply systems, as well as at the outputs of frequency converters
  • Harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic including sub-harmonics
  • Mains quality per EN50160 with statistical bar graph (Quick View)
  • Flicker analysis in accordance with EN 61000-4-15
  • 8 isolated measuring circuits (4 voltage and 4 current), 100 kHz sampling rate per measuring circuit
  • Color touch-screen display, 5½", ¼ VGA
  • Storage of measurement data / settings to plug-in CF memory card or USB memory stick
  • USB interfaces for PC, external printer/memory/keyboard
  • Ethernet TCP/IP with integrated web server for remote control and read-out
  • 4 digital status inputs for indicating consumer operating states
  • 4 digital control inputs for synchronizing the measuring interval, and for use as meter inputs
  • 1 relay output for alarms
  • Power supply output for active current sensors
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with charging controller for power failures
  • Worldwide use is made possible with a broad range variable power pack (85 to 250 V AC/DC)
  • Functionally covered standards: EN 50160, EN 61000-3-2, /-3-3, /-3-12, /-4-7, /-4-15, /-4-30

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