TecnoSoft SterilCyl Radio - Bezdrôtový záznamník teploty 0 °C ÷ +140 °C

Temperature Datalogger for sterilization processes, food cooking, cans and food packages control
The SterilCylCyl Radio is the wireless version of the SterilCyl datalogger for high temepratures (up to 140°C) developed by Tecnosoft. It is made up by a cylindrical body made of peek, a plastic material highly resistant and food compatible; metallic parts are in AISI316L stainless steel. The main body diameter is 35 mm, the length 132 mm. It is available with a 3 mm diameter Probe of different length, even on demand; the probe is ideal for cans, food packages and jars. The datalogger, therefore, has numerous applications in the food industry, where it is possible to monitor the actual product and not simply the environment in which it is manufactured. It is used, for example, to control meat and ham cooking, food packages, cans. The radio transmission allows to watch on the PC monitor the temperature and the F0/PU curves in real time, and set also threshold alarms.

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  • real time temperature monitoring in autoclaves for sterilisation processes;
    • real time temperature monitoring in pasteurization tunnels;
    • real time temperature monitoring directly in contact with the food and liquid;
    • real time temperature monitoring during meat and ham cooking.
    Probes available:
    • minimum (PasteurCyl): 3 mm diameter, 20 mm length;
    • standard (PasteurCyl Probe): 3 mm diameter, 125 mm length;
    • on demand: 3 mm diameter, from 21 to 1000 mm length.
    There is also the PasteurCyl Radio, for pasteurisation processes, food grade and available with calibration certificate. The non radio loggers, for the same applications, are the SterilCyl and the SterilDisk.
  • high accuracy and precision, food grade, probes of different size;
  • printed reports can be used for health regulations and ISO compliance;
  • data received with radio transmission, no installation required;
  • F0 and PU (Pasteurisation units) real time calculation and possibility to customize parameters;
  • no need to open them for PC communication;
  • a calibration certificate is provided.
The System
The system is made up by:
  • SterilCyl Radio temperature datalogger;
  • DiskInterface (serial or USB) with adapter or cable clip;
  • USB Radio Receiver for wireless communication;
  • SPD software.
This datalogger can be used with the Fastening System for probes to be applied on cans, jars, lids for process monitoring. If you don"t want to take off the logger from the surface it is fixed to, you can use the cable clip.
If you are using the new Disk Interface with the connector for the cable clip, the software will show the battery level, when is in communication with the logger.
Size132 X 35 diameter (mm)
Probe: from 20 to 125 X 3 diameter (mm)
MaterialPeek and stainless steel AISI316L (completely Food Grade)
Temperature range0 °C ÷ +140 °C
Resolution0.04 °C
Accuracy± 0,3 °C with calibration certificate
N° of acquisitions15000
Acquisition intervalFrom 1 every second to 1 every 255 minutes
Battery life2 years with standard use (replaceable)
Protection degreeIP68
Compliancy - EN12830 - EN285
Radio433,92 MHz

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