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TecnoSoft Continuous temperature monitoring - Systém pre nepretržité monitorovanie teploty

TecnoSoft Continuous temperature monitoring - Systém pre nepretržité monitorovanie teploty

FridgeLog system for coninuous temperature monitoring

The FridgeLog system is the perfect solution for any kind of continuous temperature monitoring, from stockhouses to fridges in supermarkets, to laboratories, pharmacies and any kind of environment. The basic system, with off line data control through the traditional loggers, is made up by the FridgeLog software, the TempSticks temperature dataloggers along with the FLI portable interface.
Thanks to a database organized by branches and fridges (but suitable for any kind of measurement spot, to rooms and ovens too, for example), the recorded data are appended to the previous one for each fridge to which the logger is associated, so to have the thermal history for that particular spot.

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The system is simple: a database is created with all the monitoring points, then the profiles are set, with different temperature thresholds used to analyze data and compare them to the MKT automatically calculated. The TempSticks are placed in the chosen spots and then, through the FLI and pressing just one button, all the process is managed.

The FLI, in fact, firstly downloads the data from the logger, analizes them and calculates the MKT, telling you immediately if the monitoring was good or something went wrong according to the profile set in the TempStick itself. Finally, it programs the logger again, so that you don"t have to take it back to the PC, avoiding to interrupt the monitoring process so to have a continuous control.
The other important feature is the possibility to insert the registered Non Conformities, indicating the Corrective Actions and the closing date, exactly as described in the Quality Management System for the ISO standard.
In this way your control is automatic and you can print complete reports that can be used during inspections and controls by different authorities, with non editable and password protected data.
The System The system is made up by:
  • TempStick or TempStick Probe datalogger;
  • FridgeLog sotware;
  • FLI interface.
Learn more about the technical details of each item. Download and read the software manual, the datasheets and the MKT tutorial, to know what is it and why it is so useful.


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