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TecnoSoft DiskInterface Adapter

TecnoSoft DiskInterface Adapter

Adapter for SterilCyl, PasteurCyl, SterilCyl Radio and PasteurCyl Radio
and The SterilCyl, PasteurCyl, SterilCyl Radio and PasteurCyl Radio work with the DiskInterface and the SPD software, the same used by the SterilDisk, PasteurDisk. In order to be able to connect the loggers and let them communicate with teh PC, however, you will need a special adapter to be inserted in the DiskInterface itself.

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There are two versions of the adapter: one, smaller, for the SterilCyl and PasteurCyl loggers, the other one, bigger, suitable for the radio version loggers, SterilCyl Radio and PasteurCyl Radio.


It is very easy to use: the logger must be inserted with the Probe end facing the USB connection.
Instead of the adapter it is possible to use the cable clip, especially useful when the logger is fixed through the Fastening System to cans, jars or other surfaces and it"s not easy to take it away.

As for the SterilDisk and the PasteurDisk, if you connect the logger in the wrong way, there is no risk: it will simply won"t communicate, no possibility to damage the system.


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