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TecnoSoft DLHT - Riadiaci softvér pre DLHT - záznamník

TecnoSoft DLHT - Riadiaci softvér pre DLHT - záznamník

Management software for DLHT datalogger
The DLHT software is the management program for the DLHT temperature and humidity datalogger.

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  • programs and downloads data from the DLHT dataloggers;
  • multiple user access with login and password;
  • shared database;
  • USB hardware protection key for data security;
  • templates creation for quick mission starting;
  • data graph with zoom and print;
  • recorded data table;
  • report printing with mission information, graph and table;
  • multilanguage: italian and english.

Minmum Requirements


  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium 800MHz
  • Graphic Card 256 colors
  • RAM 128 MB
  • 50 MB HD free space
  • 2 USB free ports

It is possible to download the user"s manual in PDF format and the last software update (the full software is necessary to run properly). Copy and paste the files in the zip archive into the main folder of the program: by default it is C:Program FilesTecnosoftDLHT. If necessary, overwrite the files.

Operating systemsWindows 2000 / XP
Data managementDatabase organized on data loggers


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