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TecnoSoft Fastening System - Upevňovací systém

TecnoSoft Fastening System - Upevňovací systém

System to fasten the high temperature probes to cans, jars, tins, etc.
Tecnosoft has all the solutions to your temperature monitoring requirements, not only by providing you with high accuracy dataloggers, but also with accessories that cater for specific uses and applications. This patented fastening system can be applied to cans, metal lids, tins and other containers and allows you to insert the probes of our pasteurisation and sterilisation dataloggers in the receptacle at the desired depth. In this manner you will monitor the temperature at the core of the product without altering its mass, thus obtaining optimum readings.

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  This system is easily implemented and may also be applied to pressurized cans, such as those used for beer: this allows you to set up a “dummy can” and re-use it several times to monitor your process. The readings can be taken directly off the dummy unit without having to disconnect it from the can, thanks to the cable clip.

  • simple installation;
  • can be applied to any type of can, lid or container;
  • can also be applied to pressurized cans; the product will not leak out during the monitoring process;
  • no need to remove the logger from the can when downloading readings to the PC, thanks to the dedicated interface with clips;
  • a single logger for different containers: simply adjust the probe depth.
There are many possible applications, from monitoring canned products to jars for jams or other foodstuffs. The probe measures temperature at the core of the product and responds quickly: simply download the data and check the temperature curve. With this fastening system there is no need to place the logger inside the jar or can and therefore it is much easier to identify it after the process. It may be removed from the product without losing the contents and you do not have to clean the datalogger itself, apart from the probe.

F0 and PU (pasteurisation units) are automatically computed by the SPD software to give you an immediate indication of the validity of your process.


Where to position the Fastening System
The Fastening System can be mounted on any type of surface, be it flat like that of a lid or curved like that of the tin shown above. Moreover, it can be used in pressurized cans. Monitoring the temperature in pressurized cans, such as beer or soda cans, may be a daunting task: in order to monitor the temperature in conditions as close to actual as possible, you need to have the right amount of product in the can, at the correct pressure and also the product must not leak during the process. The Fastening System from Tecnosoft grants you all this and more: you can keep your own dummy can, and re-use it several times, without having to remove the logger when reading data. Preparing the can is simple: drill a hole on the back (some product will exit this hole so simply refill the can until it holds the right amount of product). Place the threaded insert, with its o-ring, in the hole and secure it with the riveting tool provided in the kit. Place the locking nut and all its components on the probe of the logger and screw it into the threaded insert, adjusting the depth of the probe as required. If you use the SterilCyl or PasteurCyl Radio just sit at your PC and view the data in real time as it is received over the wireless link.
Adjusting the depth of the probe with the Locking Nut
The locking nut is used to fix the 3mm diameter Probe of the SterilCyl, PasteurCyl, SterilCyl Radio and PaseurCyl Radio to the Fastening System at the desired depth. It may be applied to lids, cans, containers and on almost every type of surface. This means that with a single logger you can monitor different types of product, since you can regulate the depth of the probe inside the container (as shown in the pictures below). This operation is quick, simple and allows perfect monitoring of the temperature of your products after which you may adjust your process parameters according to the measurements obtained. By means of the cable clip you don"t even have to remove the logger from the container to download the data. The System
The system is made up of:
  • riveting tool (included in the kit);
  • threaded insert M 5 (20 included in the kit);
  • threaded insert M 8 (20 included in the kit);
  • locking nut (1 included in the kit);
  • temperature datalogger SterilDisk Probe, PasteurDisk Probe, SterilCyl, PasteurCyl, SterilCyl Radio, PasteurCyl Radio (not included in the kit).



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