Záznamníky teploty a vlhkosti

TecnoSoft TempStick Probe - Záznamník teploty s externým snímačom (-30 °C ÷ +65 °C)

TecnoSoft TempStick Probe - Záznamník teploty s externým snímačom (-30 °C ÷ +65 °C)

Temperature Datalogger with external probe
The TempStick Probe temperature Data Logger is the version with external sensor of the TempStick Data Logger. There are several types of sensors and cables, some thin, some food grade: to check the available types, go to this page. The TempSticks Probe are particularly suitable to measure temperature in points not very accessible in fridges, warehouses, etc. You can place the sensor in the desired spot and then, with the SRI, you can download data without having to remove the TempStick from its place. Morevoer, they are indicated for food control, thanks to their food grade probes, to measure core product"s temperature, as regulations require especially for transported goods.

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The datalogger can be supplied with calibration certificate with SIT (Italian reference center, NIST equivalent) traceability.


  • temperature monitoring of transported and stored goods, especially using the Starter&Reader Interface;
  • food temperature monitoring at core of the product;
  • chemical or clinical reagents control;
  • monitoring of fridges/freezers and other sensitive environments;
  • monitoring environmental conditions;
  • fridges/freezers control;
  • other temperature sensitive environments compliant with ISO 9001 standards.


  • high precision and accuracy;
  • product"s core temperature controlled directly;
  • printed reports useful for food&health and ISO certification and control;
  • calibration on 5 points.

The System
The basic system, for transport, is made up by:

  • TempStick Probe datalogger;
  • MTT software;
  • TecnoStick Interface or SRI.

The FridgeLog system, for continuous monitoring, is made up by:

  • TempStick Probe datalogger;
  • FridgeLog sotware;
  • FLI interface.
Size50 X 22 X 10 hh (mm) (TempStick only, Probe size are different for each kind)
Temperature range-30 °C ÷ +65 °C (TempStick only, check the range for each probe)
Resolution0.03 °C
Accuracy+/- 0,25 °C with calibration certificate
+/- 1 °C without calibration certificate
N° of acquisitions2730
Acquisition intervalFrom 1 every minute to 1 every 255 minutes
Battery life10 years or 3 millions of acquisitions
Protection degreeIP67
Compliancy - EN12830


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