Záznamníky teploty a vlhkosti

TecnoSoft TempStick Square - Záznamník teploty s dvomi snímačmi (-30 °C ÷ +65 °C )

TecnoSoft TempStick Square - Záznamník teploty s dvomi snímačmi (-30 °C ÷ +65 °C )

2 Sensors Temperature Data Logger
The TempStick Square system is a TempStick datalogger with both an internal and external sensor. The external sensor, with its cable, is completely food grade. It is as easy to use as a TempStick, with the same accuracy and reliability.
The TempStick Square software, the same MTT used for the TempStick, elaborates a graph with two temperature curves, comparing the internal sensor recorded values with the data recorded by the external one. You can then save the data in the archive, print a report or export them in MS Excel.

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The TempStick Square finds application in the monitoring of food: you can control temperature both at the core of your product and its conservation environment with just one instrument.


  • stock houses and warehouses;
  • fridges/freezers;
  • transport;

The datalogger can be supplied with calibration certificate with SIT (Italian reference center, NIST equivalent) traceability.

In this way the laws concerning the monitoring of conservation and transport of food are satisfied: the temperature is monitored at the core of the product and, at the same time, it is controlled its environment in which it is stored. In the picture the monitoring of a piece of butter inside a fridge is shown: the external sensor, completely in food grade material, is inserted in the butter, while the internal sensor records the temperature values of the fridge.

The System
The system is made up by:
  • TempStick Square datalogger;
  • MTT software;
  • TecnoStick Interface.
Size50 X 22 X 10 hh (mm)
Probe featuresFor probes temperature range, please refer to the proper page. Cables available: BU, WH. Probes available: 03, 04, 05, 06
Temperature range-30 °C ÷ +65 °C
Resolution0.03 °C
Accuracy+/- 0.25 °C with calibration certificate
+/- 1 °C without calibration certificate
N° of acquisitions1365 for each sensor
Acquisition intervalFrom 1 every minute to 1 every 255 minutes
Battery life10 years or 3 millions of acquisitions
Protection degreeIP67 TempStick, IP68 the probe and cable
Compliancy- EN12830


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