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TecnoSoft TSR - Riadiaci softvér pre TempStick Radio

TecnoSoft TSR - Riadiaci softvér pre TempStick Radio

Management software for TempStick Radio

The TSR software is the management program for the TempStick Radio sensors and transmitters. It"s easy to use, intuitive and full of options. The communication with the devices is made by the USB Radio Configuration Interface, that allows to set the transmission rate on the TempSticks Radio and give each one a name so to better recognize it. The other communication is made with theUSB Radio Receiver, an USB antenna which receives data from the sensors and send them to the software.

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The software allows to set some alarms. Just create a profile, made up by its own name, the minimum and maximum thresholds and the hysteresis, along with the time out of thresholds before the alarm is actually enabled and assign them to the different sensors. The alarms consists in visual and acoustic signals and, if the values go back within the thresholds, the software shows you that an alarm occurred.The software, moreover, allows to print complete reports with graph, device serial number, and other notes added by the user.
It is possible to download the user"s manual in PDF format.

Operating systemsWindows 2000 / XP / Vista 
Data managementDatabase organized on sensor


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