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TecnoSoft WTMC - Rádiový prijímač s pripojením na Ethernet

TecnoSoft WTMC - Rádiový prijímač s pripojením na Ethernet

Radio receiver with Ethernet connection
The WTMC is a radio receiver that can acquire data from the TempStick Radio, the wireless transmitter with temperature sensor. The received data are sent via Ethernet to the PC where the management software (like the FridgeLog) is installed for storing. The WTMC has a memory too where it can save some data, in case the Ethernet connection is down for a while. Each WTMC can receive up to 32 sensor-transmitters: to each one of them an IP address is assigned and many WTMCs can communicate on the same network, according to your needs. The WTMC is provided with its power supply. The WTMC is configured through the Ethernet connection with the WTLS2FL software, provided with the FridgeLog.

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  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection to cover long distances and manage more receiver with one PC;
  • built-in backup memory if the Ethernet is down;
  • possibility to configure it via Ethernet;
  • pair the sensors you want to receive with each WTMC;
  • possibility to use with the TAS software module for alarms (email and SMS).
  • stock houses and warehouses monitoring;
  • fridges and fridge cells monitoring;
  • environment monitoring;
  • computer rooms control;
  • laboratories monitoring;
  • HACCP compliance temperature monitoring;
  • ISO compliance temperature monitoring.
Management software characteristics:
  • the acquired data can be displayed both in graph and table;
  • data can be saved in Excel format and then edited and customized;
  • the graph allows an easy and quick interpretation of the acquisitions;
  • on-line alarms when thresholds are exceeded;
  • SMS alarms when thresholds are exceeded.
The System
The system is made up by:
  • TempStick Radio sensor-transmitter;
  • WTMC receiver;
  • FridgeLog software.
In order to install the WTMC you need to know your Ethernet network parameters.
Size13 X 13 X 3,5 cm 
DisplayInternal display for configuration by the operator 
Acquisition rateFrom 1 every 5 seconds up, steps of 1 second
Power sourceExternal power supply AC 9-12 V. 
Connections- Radio connection for communication with the TempStick Radio
- Ethernt connection for communication with the PC 
N. of sensorsReceives up to 32 sensors 
Radio type433 MHz
Radio transmission range250 meters in open space; in closed environment depends on many variables and obstacles
AccessoriesPower supply included; possibility to connect up to 4 Intelligent Sensors 


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