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TecnoSoft FLI - Prenosné rozhranie pre TempStick a FridgeLog

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Portable interface for TempStick and FridgeLog software
The FLI (FridgeLog Interface) is the portable interface for TempStick programming and reading, dedicated to the FridgeLog system. With graphic and alphanumeric display, it allows, after it is configured with the PC and the FridgeLog software, to start the TempSticks. Similar to the SRI, it differs from it because it is easier to use, being simplified. It has just one button and can store one profile at a time. After the TempStick has been inserted, the FLI shows the actual temperature value: clicking on the button, the data are downloaded from the TempStick, stored in the FLI memory, analized according to the profile and the MKT formula and then the TempStick is programmed again. Two leds, green and red, show the operator if the process has been succesful.

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