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Fluke 7004N - Nanoscan Volt Maintenance System

Fluke 7004N - Nanoscan Volt Maintenance System

Nanoscan Volt Maintenance System

Fluke"s 7004N and 7010N Nanoscan Volt Maintenance Systems bring all the advantages of process automation to Standards Lab Metrology. Now you can enjoy the consistency of measurement, freedom from human error, and sophisticated data reporting facilities that only an automated system can bring.

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  • Ultra-Stable Statistical 10-Volt DC Voltage Reference Standard
  • Accepts between 4 and 10 Reference Modules
  • 10-Volt Average, Buffered 10-Volt Average and Average 1.018-Volt Outputs
  • Built-in Solid-State Scanner and Null Detector for Intercomparing Reference Modules or External References with 10-Volt Average
  • Automatic Intercomparisons Using Fluke"s PC-based Volt Maintenance Software
  • Input for Josephson Junction Standard
  • Full Polarity Reversal Capabilities

Between 4 and 10 reference modules

Each Nanoscan system consists of one or more Model 7000 solid-state zener reference modules that plug into a mainframe chassis. The 10-Volt ouputs from these modules are routed via an analog signal backplane to the Nanoscan module where they are averaged to produce an ultra low-noise hardware Average 10 Volt output.

High sensitivity null detector

The Nanoscan module also contains a high-sensitivity (0.01ppm resolution) null detector that compares individual 10-Volt reference outputs with the Average output, enabling you to verify the stability of each reference to a very high confidence level. Individual references can also be switched in and out of the hardware average to evaluate their overall contribution.

Simple integration of external reference standards

In addition to intercomparing individual internalreferences to the system average, the null detector can also be used to measure external reference standard, providing an easy method of importing or exporting traceability from the Nanoscan system.

10-Volt Average, Buffered 10-Volt Average and Average 1.018-Volt Outputs

The Nanoscan module also generates a buffered 10V output to drive resistive loads such as Kelvin Varley dividers, and a 1.018V output for comparison with Weston cells.

Automatic intercomparison using 7050 volt maintenance software

Although the Nanoscan can be driven manually via its front panel controls, the full benefits of process automation is achieved when you use it with the 7050 Volt Maintenance Software. This software, which runs under WindowsTM95 or NT, enables you to initiate scan sequences and log all the results into an ExcelTM spreadsheet for later analysis.

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10V Output
7004N:90 days: 0.8ppm
1 year: 1.2ppm
7010N:90 days: 0.7ppm
1 year: 1.0ppm
7004N:±0.2 ppm/year typicalAfter 5 points, 3 mo. apart
7010N±0.1 ppm/year typical
After 5 points, 3 months apart
Temperature Coefficient (15 - 35°C)
7004N:< 0.03 ppm/°
7010N:< 0.02 ppm/°
Noise (rms)
7004N:0.05 to 10Hz: < 0.05 ppm RMS
Standard deviation of 90 day regression: < 0.06 ppm
7010N:0.01 to 10Hz: < 0.03 ppm RMS
Standard deviation of 90 day regression: < 0.04 ppm
Hysteresis recovery
7004N:< 0.1 ppm (after conditioning cycle and battery discharge)
7010N:< 0.07 ppm
(after battery discharge)
Output Resistance
7004N/7010N: 500/n Ohm
Where n = number of modules fitted

10V 4 wire Output (relative to Average)
< ±1µV
Output Current
12mA max.
Load Regulation
Zero to 2mA:< 0.1 ppm
2mA to 12mA:< 0.5 ppm
External Standard Input
Range:+9.990 to +10.010V
Input Impedance:100 Mohm + 10pF (typic

Null Detector
-9999.9 µV to +9999.9 µV
Measurement Errors
Chan. to Average:± 0.3% of difference out of Average:± 0.1% of difference
External Standard:± 0.001%
Chan. to Chan.:± 0.1 µV
Oven Temperature Monitor
Accuracy:± 3°C
Stability/Repeatability:: ± 0.1°C/year

Backup Period
16 hrs from fully charged
Recharge time (typical)
2 hours
Half Life
5 yrs

Operating:+15°C to 35°C
Transit:-18°C to 45°C
Warm-up period:20 min to ±0.2 ppm 2 hours to final value

General Specifications
Power, battery life
7004N:< 6W
7010N:< 12W
12V DC Connection
7004N:133 x 449 x 355 mm
(5.24 x 17.68 x 13.19 inch)
7010N265 x 449 x 355 mm
(10.43 x 17.68 x 13.19 inch)
7004N:9.6kg (21.2Ibs)
7010N:20kg (44.1Ibs)
UL3111, CE marked


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