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Pico PT100 general purpose probe SE011 (-200°C to 850°C)

Pico PT100 general purpose probe SE011 (-200°C to 850°C)

Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) offer excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range (from -200 to 850 °C). Sensors are interchangeable between different manufacturers, and are available in various accuracy ratings and packages to suit most applications. Unlike thermocouples, it is not necessary to use special cables to connect to the sensor.

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Pico Technology supplies a range of Class A sensors (±0.15 at 0 °C) and tenth-DIN sensors (±0.03 at 0 °C). Specialist manufacturers can provide sensors with 0.001 at 0 °C accuracy (at a price). Please note that these accuracy specifications relate to the SENSOR ONLY. It is necessary to add the sensor error to the PT-104 error.


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