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Hart Scientific 7312 - Maintains TPW cells

Hart Scientific 7312 - Maintains TPW cells

  • Maintains TPW cells for up to two months 
  • Optional immersion freezer for simple cell freezing
  • Independent cutout circuit protects cells from breaking

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For frequent use of traditional-size triple point of water cells, nothing helps save you time and hassle like a good maintenance bath. The 7312 Triple Point of Water Maintenance Bath keeps your cells up and running reliably for weeks at a time—even during heavy usage—and comes at a price you’ll love. 

The 7312 accommodates two TPW cells and includes three pre-cool wells for properly cooling probes prior to measurements within the cells. Stability and uniformity are each better than ±0.006 °C, so your cells stay usable for up to eight weeks. Whatever method you use for building your ice mantles, you can be assured they’ll last in a 7312 bath. 

An independent safety circuit protects your water cells from freezing and breaking by monitoring the temperature of the bath and shutting down its refrigeration system should the bath controller fail. Noise-reduction techniques in the manufacturing process ensure your bath doesn’t add excessive noise to your lab. 

With a temperature range from –5 °C to 110 °C, this bath can also be used for comparison calibrations—particularly of long-stem probes—or maintenance of gallium cells. An optional gallium cell holding fixture fits two cells, which, in a 7312 bath, can maintain their melting plateaus for up to two weeks. 

In fact, the 7312 is available with a time-saving 2031 “Quick Stick” Immersion Freezer so you can build your ice mantles quickly and hands-free. Just fill the 2031’s condensing reservoir with dry-ice and alcohol, insert it into the cell, and get some other work done while your ice mantle forms in less than an hour. (Alternatively, LN2 may be used.) 

If you’re using traditional-size TPW cells, don’t take the time to create an ice mantle only to watch it melt quickly as it sits in a bucket of ice. Maintain your cells the right way in a Hart 7312 TPW Maintenance Bath. 



–5 °C to 110 °C 


±0.001 °C at 0 °C
(alcohol-water mix)
±0.004 °C at 30 °C
(alcohol-water mix) 


±0.003 °C at 0 °C
(alcohol-water mix)
±0.006 °C at 30 °C
(alcohol-water mix) 

TPW Duration 

Six weeks, typical
(assumes correctly formed ice mantle) 

Set-Point Accuracy 

±0.05 °C at 0 °C 

Set-Point Repeatability 

±0.01 °C 

Display Resolution 

±0.01 °C 

Set-Point Resolution 

±0.002 °C; 0.00003 °C in high-resolution mode 

Access Opening 

121 x 97 mm
(4.75 x 3.8 in) 

Immersion Depth 

496 mm (19.5 in) 


19 liters (5 gallons) 


RS-232 included 


115 VAC (±10 %), 60 Hz or 230 VAC (±10 %), 50 Hz, specify 

Size (HxWxD) 

819 x 305 x 622 mm
(12 x 24.5 x 32.25 in) 


34 kg (75 lb.) 


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