Fluke 5790A - Striedavý (AC) merací normál

Automated AC measurement withprecision that is easy to use

The 5790A is a complete automated ac measurement standard designed for the most demanding calibration applications. It combines the accuracy you would expect from a thermal transfer standard with the ease-of-use of a digital multimeter. Absolute ac voltage measurement uncertainties are as low as ±24 ppm (one year, 23oC ±5oC). The 5790A is designed to meet the complete ac voltage and wideband verification requirements of the Fluke 5700A, 5500A and other calibrators, amplifiers like the 5725A and 5205A, and transfer standards and ac voltmeters.

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Fluke 5790A - Striedavý (AC) merací normál
Fluke 5790A - Striedavý (AC) merací normál
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Záručný, pozáručný servis teplomerov, multimetrov a iného metrologického vybavenia.
Servis a kalibrácia
teplomerov, multimetrov a iného metrologického vybavenia vrátane záručného a pozáručného servisu.

Tento výrobok sa už nedodáva, náhrada je Fluke 5790B - merací normál striedavého signálu.

The 5790A covers an alternating voltage range of 700 µV to 1000V, and a frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 MHz. A wideband voltage option extends frequency range to 30 MHz to meet the calibration requirements of Fluke 5700A, 5720A and 5100 Series Wideband Options.

The 5790A is also compatible with Fluke A40 and A40A Current Shunts, which permit you to make ac/dc current transfer measurements up to 20A.

The 5790A may be used alone or as a transfer standard with an external dc source. In either case the normally tedious switching and calculations are performed automatically by the 5790A, and the resulting ac/dc difference is displayed directly on the easy-to-read vacuum fluorescent display.

Versatility that keeps you productive

When you first power up the 5790A, diagnostics verify the instrument"s integrity.

The variety of input connections allows you to use the one that best suits your application. There are four sets of input terminals on the 5790A, two Type-N connectors and two sets of five-way binding posts. One Type-N and one set of binding posts are dedicated to the ac measurement and transfer modes. AC or dc voltages may be applied to either input connection over the 5790"s full range, allowing you to perform automated ac/dc transfer measurements. The 5790A determines automatically whether the applied voltage is ac or dc.

The second Type-N input connection supports the optional wideband mode, and the second set of binding posts are designed for Fluke A40 Series Current Shunts.

The input connection is selected with the touch of a key on the 5790A front panel. An LED indicates which selection is active.

Whether you are using the 5790A as a voltmeter or a transfer standard, input voltage and frequency are always indicated on the measurement display. In the transfer mode, the ac/dc or ac/ac difference is always indicated on the control display in ppm, %, volts or ratio.

The 5790A is a fully autoranging instrument and selects the best voltage range for the measurement you are making. You may also select and lock in ranges manually. Robust 1200V input protection is active on all voltage ranges.

Using the trigger keys, the 5790A can switch from continuous to single measurements of the input voltage, making it easy to take sample readings at predetermined intervals.

When using the 5790A in transfer mode, the reference voltage is stored automatically, and all ac/dc or ac/ac difference measurements are made relative to it. At any time, you can view the reference by pressing the VIEW REF key. You may also store the average of two voltages as a reference to eliminate dc reversal errors, for example.

The intuitive front panel layout of the 5790A makes manual operation fast and simple. Keys and selections are logically arranged and labeled. And messages and menus are displayed clearly on the 5790A"s bright, vacuum fluorescent display.

The 5790A is at home in automated systems as well. GPIB/IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces are included and all functions of the instruments can be controlled by a variety of host computers, including PCs. Using an available instrument driver, the 5790A can be integrated into automated systems operating under MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Software.

Designed with your support requirements in mind

The 5790A provides a self-contained calibration procedure designed to simplify periodic performance verification. The operator is prompted on what actions to take. To minimize the equipment required, the 5790A is designed to be supported by the Fluke 792A AC/DC Transfer Standard.

Calibration Instruments   >   DC/LF Electrical Calibration   >   Standards   >  
5790A AC Measurement Standard
General Specifications
ACV Measurement
Range: 700 m V to 1000V
10 Hz to 1 MHz
Best 1Year Specification: ± 24 ppm
Wideband Measurement
Range: 700 m V to 7V
10 Hz to 30 MHz
Best 1Year Specification: ± 0.35%
Warm up Time
30 minutes
Relative Humidity
Operating: 45% to 50°C; 75% to 45°C; 95% to 30°C
Storage: < 95% non-condensing
Operating: 3,050 meters (10,000 feet)
Non-Operating: 12,200 meters (40,000 feet)
Temperature Performance
Operating: 0°C to 50°C
Calibration: 15°C to 35°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to 70°C
Complies with FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class B; VDE 0871, Class B; ESD: EIA PN-1361. Surge: ANSI C62.41-1980, Category A
MIL-T-28800D, paragraph 3.13.3
Line Power
47 Hz to 63 Hz; +/-10% of selectable line voltages: 100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Complies with UL 1244 and IEC348-1978 and IEC 1010 and CSA C22.2 No. 231
RS-232C, IEEE-488
Maximum Power
5790A: 95 VA;
with wideband: 120 VA
Height: 17.8 cm (7 in) standard rack mount +1.5 cm (0.6 in)
Width: 43.2 cm (17 in)
Depth: 63 cm (24.8 in)
5790A: 24 kg (53 lbs.); with wideband: 24.5 kg (54 lbs

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