Fluke 7000 - Solid-state DC voltagereference

10-Volt solid-state DC voltagereference

The heart of the Fluke 7000 Series is the fully isolated, compact 7000 solid state 10V and 1.018V direct Voltage standard. Designed to be robust and portable, its internal batteries support ‘hot shipment and plug-in’. However, should complete power be lost at any time, patented Reference Conditioning technology over-comes reference device hysteresis and restores the last powered value to the module. The 7000 modules also feature patented DC-DC convertor technology, which achieves unparalleled isolation from the external AC-DC Line power adaptor. This makes the 7000 series particularly well suited to Josephson Junction direct comparison

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Fluke 7000 - Solid-state DC voltagereference
Fluke 7000 - Solid-state DC voltagereference
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  • Self Contained 10-Volt DC Voltage Reference
  • Reference Module Interchangeable with Nanoscan and Transref System
  • 10-Volt and 1.018-Volt Outputs
  • Low-Cost Entry Point into 10-Volt Metrology
  • Suitable for Unpowered Shipment

Self-contained 10-Volt DCVoltage reference

Owning a precision DC Voltage Reference Standard needn"t be expensive or inconvenient. The Model 7001 is a complete self-contained Solid-State 10-Volt DC Voltage Reference in portable unit measuring only 137x85x290mm and weighing a mere 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg) including batteries. Yet it"s capable of delivering 1-year stabilities of better than 1 ppm.

Unique new DC/DC isolation technique

Utilizing a low-temperature oven that miminizes the ageing rate of its zener references diodes, plus thin-film resistor arrays that dramatically reduce the drift and temperature coefficient of its gain defining networks, the Model 7001 gives you a drift predictability after 2 years of better than 0.3 ppm/year and a temperature coefficient better than 0.05 ppm/°C. And because it utilizes a unique new DC/DC isolation technique, you won"t find that the out-put voltage shifts when you switch between back-up battery and AC line supply power.

Patented zener reference conditioning

The Model 7001 isn"t solely reliant on its batteries during transportation. Although it"s an advantage to keep the zener diode oven up to temperature during transportation, patented zener reference conditioning guarantees that both the 10V and 1.018V outputs return to within ±0.5 ppm of their previous values if deep discharge of the battery caused oven control to be lost. As a result, unpredicted delays during shipment mean that your 10-Volt reference won"t need complete recalibration.

The optional ruggedized transit case not only protects the unit, it also includes a temperature monitor that tracks environmental conditions during shipment.

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