TecnoSoft FridgeLog - Riadiaci softvér

Značka: Tecnosoft

Management software for fridge monitoring

The FridgeLog software is the management program for TempSticks along with the FLI and for TempSticks Radio or Intelligent Sensors + Radio Node (these last available from February 2009) along with the WTMC radio receiver. The FridgeLog was designed to monitor the temperature continuously, so for all those applications where a non-stop control is required: especially for fridges and fridge cells in stores and supermarkts. The database is organized by branches and fridges for each branch, the recorded data are appended to the previous one downloaded for each fridge, so to have the thermal history for that particular fridge or point of monitoring.
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TecnoSoft FridgeLog - Riadiaci softvér
Značka: Tecnosoft
TecnoSoft FridgeLog - Riadiaci softvér
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The software allows an advanced management of the data and to insert directly in the graph the registered Non Conformities, indicating the Corrective Actions and the closing date, exactly as described in the Quality Management System for the ISO standard. It can be used both with the TempStick and the FLI, for a traditional manual control of the data (periodically the data are dwonloaded from the TempSticks to the FLI and then to the PC), and with the wireless sensors (TempStick Radio or Intelligent Sensor + Radio Node) for a real time check. In this case there is the possibility to use also the TAS software for alarms. Data evaluation is made through the MKT formula: different monitoring profiles can be created to be assigned to the FLI or to the fridge analysis window to check the acquired data that go out of the set thresholds.

The software is multi-user, on different level of authorizations, with login and password access. It allows to print reports, inclduing the data table and the NCs registered and can print also all the fridges in each branch in one time. Data backup is very easy and the reverse option to restore all the backed up data is quick and simple too. Sharing data with other user is easy too: different branches can be managed from the main centre, sinchronizing the the data from the different PCs in the network.
Minmum Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium 1GHz
  • Graphic Card 16 millions colors
  • RAM 128 MB
  • 100 MB HD free space
  • 2 USB free ports (1 if you don"t use the FLI), 1 Ethernet connection for the wireless system, 1 serial (RS232) port for the GSM modem

To start up the transmission of the radio devices, both TempStick Radio or Radio Node with Intelligent Sensor, you can use the Radio Configuration Interface along with the Radio Starter software, downloadable freely from our website.
It is possible to download the user"s manual in PDF format and the last software update by downloading the zip file. Unisntall the old version and install the new one.
Operating systems Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Data management Database organized on branches, fridges and data loggers (each one with its unique serial number)
Protections Multi-user and multi-level software (administrator and standard users)
Data display Graph (with zoom) and table (exportable into Excel) and report of all the data printing
Parameters Temperature thresholds of correct temperature conservation can be set
MKT Mean Kinetic Temperature formula implementation for quick evaluation of the recorded data
Quality Management Non Conformities and linked Corrective Actions filling, according to ISO standards
Data sharing Data can be easily shared with other users and branches and the administrator of the central network
21CFR Part 11 compliant Data cannot be changed, login and password to access
Communication USB, Radio
Languages English, Italian

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