TTi LISN1600

Line Impedance Stabilisation Network

  Suitable for full conformance measurements
  Conformance to CISPR 16 from 9kHz to 30MHz
  16A continuous current rating
  Built-in switchable limiter and attenuator
  Remote control of line source
  Artificial hand network
  Wide range of connectors available
  16A line impedance stabilisation network

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TTi LISN1600
TTi LISN1600
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Fully conforming to the requirements of CISPR 16

The TTi LISN 1600 is a network which is placed between the AC line supply and the equipment under test in order to accurately measure the interference that the equipment is emitting at its supply input.
Regulations now exist that will place statutory limits upon these emissions. These regulations refer to the standard CISPR 16. The LISN 1600 is intended for use with either a spectrum analyser or a measurement receiver. When used with a measurement device of suitable performance it can be used for actual conformance measurements.

16 Amps continuous current rating
The LISN 1600 has a continuous current rating of 16 Amps (except where limited by the fitting of a lower rated connector at the input or output). This makes it suitable for use with virtually all types of single phase equipment.

9kHz to 30MHz range for measurements 
in bands A & B
CISPR 16 defines two measurement bands: band A for 10kHz to 150kHz and band B for 150kHz to 30MHz. The LISN 1600 correctly meets the impedance requirements for both bands.
A switchable 150kHz high pass filter is incorporated to limit low frequency signals (particularly AC line frequency) when measuring in band B. This helps limit the dynamic range requirements of the measuring device. In addition, an extended frequency characteristic allows useful measurements to be made up to 100MHz.

Manual and remote control of source selection
The measurement circuit can be connected to either supply line or disconnected altogether for checking the noise floor. Where automated measurement sequences are required, source selection can be performed remotely via built-in relays.

Built-in voltage limiter and attenuators
The LISN 1600 incorporates a voltage limiter to protect the vulnerable input of the measuring device against damage from power-switching or interference transients.
To avoid the risk of introducing nonlinearity errors, the limiter diodes are held in reverse bias by built-in lithium batteries. The limiter has a 10dB pre-attenuator and a switchable 10dB post-attenuator. If required, the whole limiter/attenuator network can be switched out.
The switchable 150kHz filter provides further protection when making band B measurements.

Artificial hand terminal for hand-held equipment
For testing hand-held apparatus which does not have an earth connection, an artificial hand terminal is provided. This conforms to the definitions in BS800 and EN55014.


Through Path
Circuits: 2 wire plus Earth
Power Input: 3 Core 1.5mm2 cable, 2 metres long
Power Output: 3 pole socket to national requirements
Maximum Voltage:
  Line to Line Line to Earth
DC 250V 250V
AC to 70Hz 264V rms 264V rms
AC 400Hz 66V rms 132V rms
AC 9kHz to 100MHz 20V rms 10V rms
Maximum Current: 16 Amp continuous
LF Resistance: 135 mOhms including cable
Impedance Network
Type: 50Ohm//50uH ±20% to CISPR 16 Fig 4.
Variation: ±20% 9kHz to 30MHz to CISPR specification.
Isolation Filter Attenuation:
  Supply input to UUT
Supply output
Measurement output
to Supply input
9kHz: -15dB -12dB
>150kHz: -40dB -40dB
Measurement Circuit
Attenuation: -0.5 dB nominal calibration factor
-5 dB at 9kHz (to CISPR specification)
±0.3 dB variation 150kHz to 30MHz
+0.5/-1.0 dB variation 30MHz to 100MHz
Source Selection:
Line 1 (Live), Line 2 (Neutral) or none. Selected by front panel switch or by remote control relays.
150kHz filter:
Selected by front panel switch. -40dB at 50Hz, -1.0dB at 100kHz, -0.2dB at 150kHz,
± 0.3dB to 30MHz, ± 1.0dB to 100MHz
Connector: 50Ohm BNC on front panel
Artificial Hand: 220 pF + 500Ohm
Attenuator and Limiter
Selection: By front panel rotary control.
1: Not in circuit
2: 10 dB attenuator + 9kHz HPF + Limiter.
3: 10 dB attenuator + 9kHz HPF + Limiter + 10 dB attenuator.
9kHz filter: -20dB at 50Hz, -1.0dB at 5kHz, -0.2dB at 9kHz.
Limiter threshold: >± 1.5 V.
Clamping Level: ±  4.0 V at 1 Amp.
Response: ± 0.3dB to 30MHz, ± 1.0dB to 100MHz.
Max. dissipation: 2 Watts.
Remote Control
Facilities: Source selection of Line 1 (Live), Line 2 (neutral) or none. Front panel lamp indication of active circuit.
Relay Operation: 12 V dc nominal, limits 9 - 14 V.
Coil resistance: 540Ohm (22mA nominal operating current)
Operating Environ.: +5°C to +40°C, 20% to 90% RH.
Storage Environ.: -40°C to +65°C, 20% to 90% RH.
Size: 132(H) x 212(W) x 315(D)mm 3U high half-rack width case.
Weight: 6.5 kg

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