Fluke Bm. Lagu 15500 - Tester pre infúzne pumpy

Značka: Fluke Biomedical

lagu Infusion Pump Tester completes tests according to IEC 601.2.24 standard. This includes taking flow measurements every 30 seconds so that the measurements are independent of the infusion pump’s flow rate. lagu is capable of detecting volume variations of 0.18 μl in a range of 0.10 ml/h to 1000 ml/hr.

The 2 channel lagu is a true dual channel infusion pump tester. Each channel is operated independently using its own measuring system.

lagu can test all types of infusion pumps. It carries out flow tests, bolus tests and occlusion alarm tests.

PRO-Soft lagu software lets you to remotely control one of the channels from a PC. It allows you to create automated test sequences, run the tests, print the results, and/or store them to disk. With PRO-Soft lagu, you may automatically test infusion pumps over long periods and against various loads. PRO-Soft is also designed to retrieve information from an equipment management database and update the database with test results.

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Fluke Bm. Lagu 15500 - Tester pre infúzne pumpy
Značka: Fluke Biomedical
Fluke Bm. Lagu 15500 - Tester pre infúzne pumpy
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Záručný, pozáručný servis teplomerov, multimetrov a iného metrologického vybavenia.
Servis a kalibrácia
teplomerov, multimetrov a iného metrologického vybavenia vrátane záručného a pozáručného servisu.
  • 2 independent measuring channels test 2 infusion pumps simultaneously (model 2-channel only)
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Simple to operate
  • High sampling rate - Flow measurements every second
  • Requires only 0.18 μl to detect any sudden flow change
  • Generates a user-defined back pressure to load the infusion pump during test
  • Performs flow tests, bolus tests and occlusion alarm tests
  • Measuring range: 0.10 ml/h to 1000 ml/h
  • Memory for two 24 hours tests
  • Shows trumpet curve in accordance with IEC 601.2.24 via PRO-Soft lagu
  • User-defined test protocols via PRO-Soft lagu
  • RS-232 and Centronic printer interface
  • Also available as an upgradeable 1-channel version

Infusion pump testers calculate flow rate from the measured time period to fill up a defined volume. If it takes 1 hour to fill up a defined volume of 10 ml, the flow rate is calculated to be 10 ml/h. This flow rate is called the instant flow rate. The minimum volume detection of this measurement is 10 ml, since it needs 10 ml to get the instant flow rate calculated. The next instant flow rate calculation may be done when an additional volume of 10 ml is delivered to the measuring device. When two or more instant flow rates have been obtained, the calculation of mean flow rate may be done by averaging the instant flow rates.

Sudden (not expected) flow change - importance of the minimum volume detection.

It is important to check out if the infusion flow is steady or not. It is important to detect any sudden (not expected) flow change. That’s what infusion pump tests are all about!

Detection of sudden (not expected) flow changes requires detection of tiny infusion volumes. As flow measurements may only be calculated every time the defined volume is filled up. Ability to detect small infusion volume gives a short time between each measurement, hence a high flowsampling rate. Ability to detect only larger infusion volume decreases the sampling rate and decreases the ability to detect sudden flow change. International standards describe flowsamplings to be done at every 30 sec. for all flow rates. This discloses any sudden (not expected) flow changes within 30 sec. to ensure a steady infusion from all types of infusion devices. To fulfill this requirement, minimum volume detection of the measuring device is critical.

To test the infusion pump against sudden (not expected) flow change at a flow rate of 10 ml/h with an accuracy of ± 2 %, the following minimum flow detection is needed:

Expected flow:
10 ml/h = 166.7 μl pr. minute (divide by 60) = 83.3 μl pr. 30 sec. (divide by 2)

2% of expected flow:
83.3 μl pr. 30 sec. x 2% = 1.67 μl pr. 30 sec.

A volume detection of 1.67 μl is required to detect a 2% sudden (not expected) flow change from an expected flow rate of 10 ml/h within 30 sec.

lagu - Minimum volume detection:
The minimum volume detection of lagu is 0.18 μl. That means less than 0.2 μl is needed for lagu to detect any sudden flow change in the range of 0.10 ml/h to 1000 ml/h.

lagu performs flow-samplings every second for all flow rates. We are proud to highlight this feature out of the many unique features of lagu.

Biomedical Test   >   Performance Analyzers   >   Infusion Device   >  
Lagu Single or Dual Channel Infusion Pump Tester
Flow Rate
Flow range: 0.10 ml/h to 1000 ml/h
Min. volume detection: 0.18 μl
Flow rate display resolution: 0,01 ml/h
Volume display resolution: 0,001 ml
Theoretical time Interval to achieve ± % Accuracy of reading:
1000 ml/hr Accuracy, Time 0.5 %, 0.6 sec
1 %, 0.3 sec
1.5 %, 0.2 sec
100 ml/hr Accuracy, Time 0.5 %, 6 sec
1 %, 3 sec
1.5 %, 2 sec
10 ml/hr Accuracy, Time 0.5 %, 52 sec
1 %, 26 sec
1.5 %, 18 sec
Back Pressure Generation: Range: -200 mmHg to 600 mmHg
Accuracy: -200 mmHgto 200 mmHg: ± 10 mmHg
201 mmHg to 600 mmHg: ± 20 mmHg
Factory Calibration: The lagu unit is calibrated to following specification if not any other requirement is specified:
Flow: 2 % of reading @ 0 mmHg
Pressure: 2 % of reading or ± 10 mmHg
Occlusion Alarm Test
Measurement Range: -400 to 1500 mmHg
Accuracy: -400 to 500 mmHg: ± 10 mmHg
501 to 1500 mmHg: ± 2 % of reading
Maximum input pressure: 2500 mmHg
Maximum Input Pressure: 2500 mmHg
Bolus Test: Accuracy: ± 20 μl
The lagu includes enough temporary memory to store and print two 24 hours tests with the smallest dT (30 s). It makes 5760 instant flow measurements
Other Features
The PRO-Softs lagu program provides the opportunity to test infusion pumps over long periods and with various loads. You can choose among several pressure units. It creates user defined test sequences for each type of infusion pump to be tested. With routine control, this program retrieves the relevant test sequence and caries out the test as per the previous control. The results are shown either graphically or numerically, and can be sent to file and/or printed directly from the analyzer. The graphical presentation is both as a flow vs. time graph and the trumpet curve 1 Mohm
General Information
Temperature Requirements: 15 °C to 35 °C while operating
0 °C to 50 °C for storage
Display: Type: LCD graphic display
Alphanumeric format: 4 lines by 40 characters
Display control: 7 F-keys and a keypad
Data Input/Outputs (2): Parallel printer port (1); Bi-directional RS-232 (1) for Computer control
Power: From 100 V ac to 240 V ac, 47/63 Hz
Housing: Metal case
Dimensions (WxDxH) 235 mm x 245 mm x 135 mm
(9.25 in x 9.65 in x 5.31 in)
Weight: lagu 1 channel: 3.9 kg (8.6 lb)
lagu 2 channel: 4.9 kg (10.8 lb)
Recommended printers: HP Desk Jet, Cannon Bubble Jet or compatible

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