Fluke Calibration 5623 - Precision RTD Freezer Probe

  • Fully immersible probe assembly to –100°C 
  • NVLAP-accredited calibration and ITS-90 coefficients included 
  • Accuracy to ±0.05°C over the full range 
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Fluke Calibration 5623 - Precision RTD Freezer Probe
Fluke 5623 - presná RTD sonda do -100°C
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If you need a precision measurement at low temperatures, do not look any further than Hart Scientific. 

The 5623B, precision “freezer probe,” is specially sealed from the sensing element to the end of the probe cable, preventing ingress of moisture when exposed to temperatures as low as –100 °C. The entire assembly withstands temperatures over its full range (–100 °C to 156 °C), which is ideal for verification of freezers or autoclaves where a thermo-well isn’t available. The 5623B assembly can be fully immersed in fluids when the application may require use in a liquid bath. The 5623B is available in a 6.35 mm (0.25 in) dia. × 125 mm (6 in) long Inconel™ sheath. With accuracy (that includes calibration uncertainty and short-term drift) of ± 0.05 °C over its full range, the 5623B is just right as a secondary standard for calibration of other process sensors. 

Most Hart Scientific readouts make an excellent companion for the 5623B. We recommend the use of the 1521, 1522, 1502A, 1529, or 1560 thermometer readouts. 

With each 5623B, you receive a full NVLAP-accredited calibration report. This report includes test data and ITS-90 calibration coefficients to enter into your Hart Scientific thermometer readout. 



Nominal 100 W (± 0.1 W) 

Temperature Coefficient 

0.003925 ohms/ohm/ °C nominal 

Temperature Range 

–100 °C to 156 °C 

Transition Temperature 

–100 °C to 156 °C 

Drift Rate 

± 0.01 °C per year maximum at 0 °C, when used periodically at max temperature 

Sheath Material 

Inconel™ 600 


Teflon™-insulated, silver-plated stranded copper, 22 AWG. 


Specify. See ordering information. 


Includes manufacturer’s NVLAP-accredited calibration and table with R vs. T values in 1 °C increments from –80 °C to 156 °C. ITS-90 coefficients included. 

Probe Accuracy (includes calibration uncertainty and short-term stability) 

± 0.05 °C over the full range 

Cable Length 

6.7 meters (20 ft) 


6.35 mm (0.25 in) dia. x 152 mm (6 in) 

Ordering Information


Freezer Probe, RTD 1/4" dia. x 6", –100 to 156°C 


Probe Carrying Case 

X = termination. Specify “B” (bare wire), “D” (5-pin DIN for Tweener Thermometers),
”G” (gold pins), “I” (INFO-CON for 1521 or 1522 Handheld Thermometers),
“J” (banana plugs), “L” (mini spade lugs), “M” (mini banana plugs), or “S” (spade lugs).  

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