Fluke Calibration 7380 - Compact calibration bath

  • Better value than when purchased separately
  • Application note simplfies uncertainty analysis
  • Significant reduction in labor costs
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Fluke Calibration 7380 - Compact calibration bath
Fluke 7380 - kompaktná kalibračná vaňa
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Záručný, pozáručný servis teplomerov, multimetrov a iného metrologického vybavenia.
Servis a kalibrácia
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Why spend more time than necessary to calibrate PRTs, thermistors, and thermocouples? With a 7380 automated temperature calibration system from Fluke’s Hart Scientific Division, you can perform consistent, repeatable calibrations quickly and efficiently. When the calibration is complete, you simply print out the report. It’s that easy.

Each system comes complete with everything you need to automate the calibration of PRTs, thermistors and thermocouples, including a bath for calibrations down to –80 °C, a reference thermometer probe (PRT), and a readout that can measure up to four temperature sensors. An automation package is included to minimize labor costs and maximize return on investment.

An automated calibration system keeps electronic records of the calibration. The test procedure is executed the same way every time. Your auditor will love this. Managers have to find ways to produce better results with fewer resources and with an automated calibration system that is just what they will get. Less time is spent with each calibration and so productivity goes through the roof with consistent results. In addition to freeing up time, it becomes possible to put the most experienced technicians on more challenging tasks because less training is required to run an automated procedure. Finally, our application note, Calculating uncertainties in an automated temperature calibration system, simplifies the process of producing an uncertainty analysis.

7380 compact calibration bath

This bath features stability and uniformity better than ± 0.008 ºC and metrology-level performance in a lab-friendly size.

Hart Scientific has been making the world’s best-performing temperature baths for more than two decades. With our proven heating/cooling designs and hybrid analog-digital controller, Hart baths apply the most effective technologies that are commercially available.

For ultra-cold temperatures, the 7380 reaches –80 °C quickly and maintains a two-sigma stability of ± 0.006 °C when it gets there. The 7380 is a true metrology bath, not a chiller or circulator. With uniformity and stability performance so high, comparison calibration of temperature devices can be performed with impressively low uncertainty.

5615 reference PRT

This secondary reference platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) offers affordable wide-range accuracy, excellent stability and a reference-grade platinum sensing element. It features an Inconel™ 600 sheath that is 305 mm (12 in) long and 6.35 mm (0.250 in) in diameter. It has short-term accuracy of ± 0.013 °C at 0.01 °C.

The element is constructed of reference-grade platinum wire (99.999 % pure) for excellent stability. The wire is wound in a coil and placed in a mandrel, where it is uniformly supported in a manner that virtually eliminates hysteresis. These Inconel™-sheathed probes have a fully supported sensing element, making them more durable than SPRTs.

1529 Chub-E4 thermometer readout

This readout features four channels, three major sensor types, lab-quality accuracy, battery power, the ability to read many different sensor types,
and much, much more.

The Chub-E4 has four inputs for reading four different sensors simultaneously. All four channels in the 7380-USR are configured for reading resistance based temperature sensors such as PRTs and thermistors. The 7380-USRT comes with two of the channels dedicated to thermocouple measurement. With the 1529, reading thermocouples, PRTs, and thermistors accurately from the same device is
no problem.

The memory and communications capabilities of the Chub-E4 make it perfect for lab calibration work, but it’s also great for on-site measurements, and remote data logging (store up to 8,000 measurements including date and time stamps).
Fourteen different logging intervals may be selected, from 0.1 second to 60 minutes.

MET/TEMP II temperature calibration automation software

This easy-to-use software cuts calibration time by more than half that of non-automated systems.

Calibrating sensors manually is expensive because of labor costs. It takes roughly four hours to calibrate a sensor at three points, then another hour to document the temperature data and create the certificate.

With MET/TEMP II, simply place your test sensors in the bath, connect them to the readout, and enter your setup data into a PC. Later, print the reports, sign them, and ship the sensors back to your customer. What once took four hours of direct labor can be reduced to as little as fifteen minutes. Calibration reports are created automatically from your setup data and test results.

Fast turnaround times improve customer satisfaction, and reduced labor costs improve the
bottom line.

Summary specifications


–80 °C to 100 °C (actual results are limited by range of bath fluid)

Estimated system calibration uncertainties for PRTs

–80 °C, ± 0.021 °C
–38 °C, ± 0.022 °C
0 °C, ± 0.026 °C
100°C, ± 0.032 °C

Bath access opening

86 mm x 114 mm (3.25 in x 4.56 in)

Bath depth

178 mm (7 in)

Cooling time

130 minutes from 25 °C to –80 °C


4 liters (1 gal)

Software requirements

Windows® 2000
Windows® XP

Hardware requirements

CD-ROM drive for installation
RS-232 serial (COM) port
Minimum of 12 MB disk space

†See Calculating uncertainties in an automated temperature calibration system application note for a step-by-step tutorial on evaluating your uncertainties with this system.


Model Voltage 1529 1529-R 7380 5615 9938
7380-USR 120 V/60 Hz   x x x x
7380-USRT 120 V/60 Hz x   x x x
7380-UKR 220 V/50 Hz   x x x x
7380-UKRT 220 V/50 Hz x   x x x
7380-CHR 220 V/50 Hz   x x x Chinese Reports
7380-CHRT 220 V/50 Hz x   x x Chinese Reports
7380-OTR 220 V/50 Hz   x x x x
7380-OTRT 220 V/50 Hz x   x x x


Recommended bath fluids for the 7380 automated calibration system†

Model #


Usable range

Flash point (closed cup)


Halocarbon 0.8 Cold Bath Fluid

–100 °C to 70 °C



Dynalene HF/LO

–65 °C to 58 °C

60 °C


HFE Cold Bath Fluid

–75 °C to 100 °C




–96 °C to 10 °C

12 °C



–100 °C to 14 °C

16 °C

† Bath fluid must be ordered separately.


Ordering information†

Models See configurations table above
7380-USR Bundle, Automated 7380 System, US
7380-USRT Bundle, Automated 7380 System, US
7380-UKR Bundle, Automated 7380 System, UK
7380-UKRT Bundle, Automated 7380 System, UK
7380-CHR Bundle, Automated 7380 System, China
7380-CHRT Bundle, Automated 7380 System, China
7380-OTR Bundle, Automated 7380 System, other non US
7380-OTRT Bundle, Automated 7380 System, other non US
5019† Fluid, Halocarbon, 4 liters
5022† Fluid, Dynalene HF/LO, 4 liters
5023† Fluid, HFE Cold Bath, 4 liters
† Bath fluid must be ordered separately

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