Fluke 5320A/VLC - Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator with 600 V Source and Active Loop Compensator

Verify and calibrate electrical test tools with a single instrument

The Fluke 5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator is an accurate, flexible instrument that allows you to calibrate many different types and models of electrical testers efficiently and effectively.
The 5320A replaces resistors, decade boxes, and other custom calibration solutions with a single instrument. It features precision high voltage, high current resistors to give you better test uncertainty ratios (TURs).

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Fluke 5320A/VLC - Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator with 600 V Source and Active Loop Compensator
Fluke 5320A/VLC - kalibrátor revíznych prístrojov s 600 V zdrojom a ALC
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Using one multifunction instrument instead of many allows you to free up valuable bench space and simplify the processes you use for calibrating electrical testers.

You will find the 5320A calibrator remarkably easy to use. A big, bright, full-color screen displays values clearly, and shows which terminals are active in an easy-to-comprehend graphic format. An illustrated Help Guide is built into the instrument to provide additional assistance if you need it.

For even greater efficiency, the 5320A can be automated with MET/ CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software. MET/CAL Plus software has become the industry standard for automating the calibration process and managing the inventory of your cal lab. MET/CAL Plus is a complete, scalable and affordable solution.

LAN, GPIB and RS-232 interfaces on the 5320A provide convenient, industry standard connectivity

Maximize your workload coverage with the Fluke 5320A Calibrator

The Fluke 5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator combines many functions into a single instrument, replacing the resistors, decade boxes and other custom solutions commonly used to calibrate electrical testers. It’s flexible and precise enough to calibrate a wide range of instrumentation.

Multifunction installation testers
The 5320A has all the functionality needed to calibrate installation testers with insulation resistance, continuity, loop, RCD and earth resistance test capabilities.

Portable appliance testers (PATs)
The 5320A has all the functionality needed to calibrate PATs, with insulation resistance, ground bond, leakage current, flash voltage and load test capabilities.

Insulation resistance testers
The 5320A calibrator sources high ohms, high voltage resistors and measures the high voltage output of megohm meters and other portable and bench insulation testers. When calibrating insulation resistance testers up to 1 kV, you can select a wide range of continuously variable resistance values, from 10 kΩ to 10 GΩ, with 4 ½ digit resolution and one single value of 100 GΩ. When calibrating 5 kV insulation testers, the external 10 kV dual function adapter extends the resistors’ range up to 10 TΩ. The adapter functions both as a 1000: 1 voltage divider to 10 kV, and as a x1000 resistance multiplier to 10 TΩ.

Continuity testers and earth (ground) resistance testers
To calibrate these low ohms testers, a calibrator must be able to source precision low ohms. From its low ohms precision resistors, the 5320A calibrator sources resistance values ranging from 100 mΩ to 10 kΩ, with 3 ½ digits of resolution. Choose 2-wire or 4-wire modes for maximum flexibility.

Loop/line impedance testers and ground bond testers
The 5320A calibrator has 16 high power, high current resistors it can source, to increase the resistance of a loop or line by a known amount. Use Scan mode to automatically determine the resistance of the loop, and use Active Loop Compensation mode to compensate for any residual impedance in the loop or line.

Residual-current device (RCD) or ground fault current interrupter (GFCI) testers
The 5320A simulates a circuit breaker (an RCD/GFCI) to verify and calibrate trip current and trip time, with a wide range that enables it to accurately handle most models in this instrument category. For most RCD testers, trip times are calculated to an uncertainty of 0.25 ms, to provide better than 4:1 test uncertainty ratios (TUR). Trip current uncertainty is 1 %, which also provides better than 4:1 TURs in most applications.

Leakage current testers
Simulate a leakage current for direct/ touch, differential and substitute leakage current methods with 4 ½ digit resolution from 0.1 mA to 30 mA. The 5320A lets you choose the method that works best for your test, unlike other calibrators that only offer a single method.

Many testers have built-in voltmeters. But you don’t need an additional calibrator to test this part of the workload. The model 5320A/VLC calibrator adds a precision voltage source to 600 V with 0.1 % accuracy, to calibrate V ac and V dc meters.

Hipot testers
Electrical safety testing with hipots is an integral part of development and manufacturing of electronic and electrical products, ranging from refrigerators to power supplies to test equipment to cables. Such testing is often required by government regulations to ensure product safety. The Fluke 5320A provides best-in- class hipot calibration of ac and dc voltage. The built-in 1000 V meter measures voltage and current. For voltages over 1 kV, Fluke offers two accessory items: a 10 kV adapter or 40 kV probe. With the 10 kV adapter, ac voltages to 10 kV can be calibrated with 0.5 % accuracy. Either item can be used with the built-in meter to measure voltage or flash voltage over 1000 V.

Medical safety testers
With the broad functionality and high accuracy of the Fluke 5320A, calibrating medical safety testers is a snap, allowing you to add these items to your calibration workload.

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5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator
Technical Specifications
Precision Low Resistance Source
Ranges: 100 mΩ to 10 kΩ
Resolution: 3 ½ digits (continuously variable)
Maximum Current Ranges: 5 mA to 400 mA
Modes: 2-Wire and 4-Wire
Best 1 Year Specification: ± 0.2 % of setting
High Resistance Source (High voltage)
Ranges: 10 kΩ to 100 GΩ
Resolution: 4 ½ digits (continuously variable to 10 GΩ)
Maximum Voltage Ranges: 55 Vpk to 1575 Vpk
Best 1 Year Specification: ± 0.2 % of setting
Resistance Multiplier Adapter¹ (for high resistance source)
Resistance Ranges: 350 MΩ to 10 TΩ
Maximum Test Voltage: 5500 V dc
Best 1 Year Specification: Uncertainty of 5320A resistor to be multiplied ± 1 % of displayed value
Low Resistance Source (High current)
Ranges: 25 mΩ to 1.8 kΩ, 16 values
Maximum Current Ranges: 0.025 A to 30 A (continuous)
  0.15 A to 40 A (short-term)
Best 1 Year Specification: ± 5 mΩ of setting
Loop Compensation: 0 to 10 Ω (Scan Mode)
  0 to 2 Ω (Active Comp Mode)
Loop Compensation Specification: ± 1 % + 15 mΩ (Scan and active comp Mode)
Active Loop Compensation available on 5320A/VLC only
Line Leakage Current Source
Ranges: 0.1 mA to 30 mA
Resolution: 10 uA of setting
Test Voltage Ranges: 10 to 250 V
Modes: Passive, Differential, Substitute, Active
Best 1 Year Specification: ± 0.3% + 1 uA of setting
Residual Current Device
Trip Current Ranges: 3 to 3000 mA
Trip Current Modes: 0.5xI, 1xl, 1.4xI, 2xI, and 5xI
Best 1 Year Trip Current Specification: ± 1 % rms
Trip Time Ranges: 10 to 5000 ms
Best 1 Year Trip Time Specification: ± 0.25 ms
Voltage Ranges: 0 to 1100 V ac rms or dc
Voltage Resolution: 4 ½ digits
Best 1 Year Voltage Specification: ± 0.15% of reading + 5 mV
Current Ranges: 0 to 30 A ac rms or dc
Current Resolution: 4 ½ digits
Best 1 Year Current Specification: ± 0.15% of reading + 0.15 mA
Phantom Power: 0 to 33 kVA
Phantom Power Resolution: 3 digits
Best 1 Year Power Specification: √((V)² + (I)²)
Hipot Leakage Current Measurement Mode (Multimeter mode)
Current Range 0 to 300 mA acrms or cc
Current Resolution 4 ½ digits
Best 1 Year Specification ± 0.2% of reading + 0.21 mA
Hipot Timer Measurement Mode (Multimeter mode)
Timer Measurement Range 0.1 to 999 s
Timer Resolution 1 ms
Best 1 Year Specification 0.02% + 2 ms (dc)
  0.02% + 20 ms (ac)
10 kV Divider Adapter¹ (for multimeter input)
Voltage Ranges: 0 to 10 kV ac peak or dc
Voltage Divider Ratio: 1000:1
Best 1 Year Specification: ± 0.3 % of reading + 5 V dc
  ± 0.5 % of reading + 5 V ac (50 or 60 Hz)
40 kV Probe² (for multimeter input) Accessory
Voltage Ranges: 0 to 40 kV ac peak or dc
Voltage Divider Ratio: 1000:1
Best 1 Year Specification: ± 0.5 % of reading + 10 V dc
  ± 0.5 % of reading + 10 V ac (50 or 60 Hz)
Voltage Calibrator Source (5320A/VLC only)
Ranges: 3 to 600 V ac or dc
Voltage Resolution: 4 digits
Frequency: 40 to 400 Hz
Frequency Resolution: 3 digits
Maximum Burden Current: 500 mA (ac)
  5 mA (dc)
Best 1 Year Current Specification: ± 0.1 % of setting + 9 mV
General Specifications
Warm up Time
  30 minutes
Temperature Performance
Operating: 18 ºC to 28 ºC
Calibration Temperature (Tcal): 23º C
Storage: - 20 ºC to + 70 ºC
Operating: 3,050 m (10,00 ft)
Storage: 12,200 m (40,000 ft)
  450 mm X 480 mm X 170 mm (17.7 in. X 18.9 in. X 6.7 in.)
  18 kg (39.7 lbs.)
Power Line
  115/230 V ac ± 10 % (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption
  150 VA Maximum
  Class I, according to EN 61010-1

1. Standard accessory
2. Optional accessory

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